KaiKangShun solar water pump was used in agricultural irrigation in Africa

Africa is a land-rich place with abundant surface water. Local electricity is scarce, irrigation equipment is backward, although there is abundant groundwater, still facing the situation of drought.

With the maturity of solar technology and the decline in prices, the investment of an independent solar power generation facility is still unbearable for African farmers. According to the actual situation, Kaikangshun Company optimizes the solar water pump system, reduces or removes the replaceable parts, and minimizes the cost.  Small-power solar water pump system has launched for household use.

Domestic low-power solar water pumps are designed with high head and small flow rate in accordance with the principle of economy and affordability. With head of 10-100 meters and a daily pumping capacity of 5-30 cubic meters, it can fully meet the water demand of family or small farms. With sunshine in Africa, the pumping capacity can totally reach 150-900 cubic meters per month.

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