Configuration Optimization

Shenzhen Kaikangshun Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in developing and manufacturing innovative solar street lights and solar pump systems. It is mainly devoted to the development and production of high performance and cost-effective solar products, technical team with over 10 years experiences in solar system applications.

We understand the actual needs of the customers, the team will introduce many years of experience into the product design and development to effectively meet the customer's real needs and avoid excessive waste in the product configuration.

 Solar street lights products:
Because solar street lamps can take advantage of the natural environment and have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful appearance, low running cost and intelligent operation. The configuration of solar street lamps needs strict requirements so as to ensure the quality of street lighting.

1. The design of the controller:
The controller is the core unit of the solar street lamp, and coordinates the work of solar panel, battery and light load. The work of the controller determines the efficiency of the product. First of all, we select the first line brand components to ensure that the performance is both durable and has no fault for 8-10 years. The charge and discharge control takes into account light-dependent control, time control, over charge and over discharge protection, so as to protect the safety and service life of batteries.
Considering that the solar power generation is less in the rainy day and satisfies the user's night lighting, our controller designs the energy management function. According to the remainder of the battery, the power time and electric quantity are automatically allocated, the brightness of the LED lamp is automatically weakened, the light time is guaranteed and the safety of the pedestrian is ensured.

2. The human body infrared induction mode and time control mode design:
When the solar street lamp works, no man walks in the time section, the street lamp keeps full power to run is a waste of energy. We have done two kinds of work modes to save the street lamp energy when it is unmanned.
    (1)    Human body infrared induction mode: no anybody walks around the solar street lamp which works with 30-50% power, someone walks around the solar led street light which works with instant 100% full power.
    (2)    Time control stage power light mode: in the first half of the night when there are more pedestrians, led light works with 100% full power; no one or less people in the latter half of the night, street light works with 30-50% power.
The above two models aim to save energy, save battery configuration, avoid ineffective waste and reduce the cost of investors.

3. LED lights design:
The selection of the luminaire mainly tests the reflection, illuminance and maintenance coefficient. The quality of road lighting can be measured by three indexes, such as road brightness, uniformity and glare. The quality of road lighting is shown in:
    (1)Brightness level: the average brightness of the road has different brightness requirements according to the road level. General Expressway and main roads need more than 2cd/m2 brightness requirements, and secondary roads and auxiliary roads or residential roads are relatively low.
    (2). Average illumination: average illuminance refers to the average of all illuminance on the road surface. It is the unit of illumination intensity, generally expressed in LM.
    (3).Glare: road lighting should try to limit the glare of discomfort within a certain range, generally using G value. Generally speaking, G=7

4. The choice of light source for solar street lights: choose suitable LED lamps with wide environment and high temperature resistance, high luminous efficiency and long life.
5.Battery design: because the solar street lights are used outdoors, the environment varies greatly in different regions. To ensure the normal use of high temperature and low temperature areas, we use pure ternary low resistance lithium battery as a storage medium. With the full aluminum shell (fast heat dissipation), charging and discharging protection board and controller (overcharging and discharging protection, etc.), to ensure the normal operation of the battery in high temperature and low temperature environment, while the life of the battery is also guaranteed.     

6.The choice of solar panels: high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels, photoelectric efficiency up to 22%, life expectancy up to 25 years. In the effective area, maximize power generation to ensure street lighting power supply. In most areas, the normal sunshine environment batteries can be full charged in 6-8 hours. Adhere to the principle of not wasting.

7. Solar street light installation: considering the convenience of customer installation, reducing installation time and investment cost, we have designed integrated solar street light and separated solar street light. The integrated solar street lights only needs a few screws, one person can be installed in ten minutes, one key switch, automatic operation; the separate solar street light only needs the customer to insert the waterproof joint and tighten screws, do not need electricians and other professionals, design fool installation, no plug-in reverse concerns.

 Solar water pump products:
After collecting feedback from the solar energy market and end user applications, we put forward the design and configuration of solar water pumps:
1. Reduce the number of photovoltaic panels: on the system control unit, we achieve higher conversion efficiency, maximize the use of power generation, reduce the cost of customer investment.
2. Support AC / PV channel input: at night, if there is no PV input energy, the pump will stop working. Some projects require pumps to remain in working all the time.
3. Automatic operation, simple debugging: considering that the user is not professional, the equipment is automatically set OK in our factory. After simply connecting the cable, it can work automatically. It can also be switched by hand.
4. Varies of small power pump products: considering the use of developing countries and family users, weak investment ability, but sunshine sufficient conditions, we design a series of small power solar pumps, long time operation to make up for large amount of water demand, specifically please consult our sales or technology.