Kkstech Production Test

Shenzhen Kaikangshun Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in developing and manufacturing innovative solar street lights and solar pump systems. It is mainly devoted to the development and production of high performance and cost-effective solar products, technical team with over 10 years experiences in solar system applications.

Solar water pump system can achieve high power, high head and large flow and other technical characteristics; integrated solar street lights break through -20 degrees Cisius low temperature technology, super long life lithium battery intelligent charge and discharge technology, continuous rainy days or weak light area charging technology.

Production quality control team, strictly grasp quality control. Inspection and testing with professional standard equipment and instruments. Employees participate in quality control, workshop team skills are excellent, standard worker training is provided.
LED integrating sphere test system Spectral test
Selecting consistency of capacity and current of lithium battery Lithium battery group processing equipment
Temperature test Test of lithium battery finished products
Solar panels generation test Warehouse corner

Workshop Undetected lithium battery
Actual environment test of solar water pump