After-sale service

    Dear customer:

    Hello! Thank you for choosing KaiKangShun products. In order to protect your rights and interests, please read the following contents carefully:

     Warranty clause:

    The products are purchased from Shenzhen KaiKangShun Technology Co., Ltd. in the quality guarantee period, due to the product quality problems caused by the failure, KaiKangShun company provides free services. After product quality guarantee period, provides paid lifetime maintenance.


    Product Type Commitment Policy

    Solar pumping system(including solar pumping inverter and control cabinet、PV pump)、

    solar lightning protection combiner box(not including lightning protection module)

    3 years warranty
    Solar street light(integrated solar street light、Separated Solar Street Light) 3 years warranty
    Solar panel 3 years warranty

     The contents of product warranty:

    Warranty is limited to complete machines. Packaging, all kinds of wire, technical data and other accessories are beyond the scope of the warranty.
    The free warranty period of product will be calculated from delivery date. If the product is paid maintenance, the same performance issues will enjoy three months free warranty from the date of repair.
    Products in the warranty period, find equipment performance problems, will be provided free maintenance by KaiKangShun company. No fault products, will be same returned.


     It does not belong to scope of free warranty as follows:

    1. Not according to the requirements of the installation, use, maintenance, custody of product caused by failure or damage;
    2. Beyond the warranty period;
    3. Without authorization alter or tear up the product bar code;
    4. Without the permission of the KaiKangShun company, without authorization changes itself inherent settings file or without authorization teardown repair;
    5. Accident or man-made damage to the product, such as inappropriate input voltage, high temperature, water, mechanical damage, broken, product serious oxidation or rust and so on;
    6. Damage caused by transportation, loading and unloading on the customer's return repair;
    7. Product failure or damage due to force majeure such as earthquake, fire, flood, lightning strike, etc.;
    8. Other non product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other issues caused by failure or damage.

     Maintenance mode:

    When your product failure occurs, purchase credentials and other valid certificates is provided to where you bought to apply for the warranty service. When you cannot contact the dealer you can also directly contact with my company's customer service department.

     Special statement:

    Dealer makes the other commitments which is not committed by KaiKangShun for customer , our company does not assume any responsibility, please ask your dealer for a written proof of purchase, so that the dealer will achieve additional commitments to you.

    Remark: within the scope of national laws and regulations, Shenzhen KaiKangShun Technology Co., ltd. hold the rights of explanation and modification about the promise.