• 30W solar street light installed on 6 m pole
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30W solar street light installed on 6 m pole

  • A solar street lamp specially developed for rural roads, with 30W street lamp power, is suitable for 6m street lamp pole. Our company's split solar street lights are very simple to install, has been equipped with solar panels and lamp holder brackets, only need to insert the lamp pole , improve the installation speed, save manpower and time costs. Street lamp lights up all night. At first 4 hours solar street light works with full power, and half-power until dawn.

Quick Details

  • Product Power: 30W
  • Solar Panel: High Efficiency Polycrystalline Silicon 70W
  • LED Brand: Bridgelux 3030
  • Luminous Flux: 3300LM
  • Lithium Battery: 84.5AH
  • Charging Time: 6-8h
  • Installation Height: 5-6m
  • Working Temperature: -20 ~60 C
  • Working Time: 5-7 Rainy Days
  • Light control method:time control

 Product Introduction:
Separate solar street lamp is the extension application of integrated solar street lamp. While retaining convenience, the split structure can arbitrarily adjust the direction of solar panels and lamp heads according to solar radiation intensity and lighting direction. The split solar street lamp provides flexible solutions for the harsh lighting requirements of complex roads.

Street lamps are simple, without burying batteries, complicated wiring or settings. Any place with sunshine can be installed, the product has been equipped with solar panels and lamp holder brackets, installation only need to insert the product on the lamp pole, it is very simple.

Turn on the lights automatically at night and turn off the lights automatically at daybreak. Street lamp head is made of super-strong all-aluminium frame, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and can withstand strong typhoon of grade 12. Aluminum products with excellent heat dissipation have been used in desert cities for many years.

Automatically turn on the light in the dark, work for all night. At first 4 hours solar street lamp works with full power, and half-power until dawn. Solar panels can be rotated and adjusted according to the direction of sunshine. Solar power generation can be reasonably utilized. The lighting time can reach 5-7 days in rainy days, and the product lifetime is 10 years.


 Product features:

1. Lithium iron phosphate battery, lifespan is up to five years, temperature range is -20℃ ~ 60℃.
2. Dual battery charge and discharge protection to ensure battery life and customer property.
3. Waterproof switch, one key operation, simple installation;
4. Provide electric energy by solar photoelectric conversion, which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free and noise-free.
5. Independent research and development of production control unit, good compatibility of components, low failure rate;
6. High cost-effective, one-time investment, long-term use.

Name Built-in Items
Solar street light solar panel, 30W street light, batteries, controller, bracket (with screws) and connecting wires 
 * Street light poles can be purchased from our company or locally by yourselves.

After installing the solar street light part, insert it directly into the lamp pole and tighten the screw, as follow picture:

Model KKS-FT30

Power 30W
Luminous Flux 3300LM, each LED output at 160-170 Lumen per watt
Color Temperature 6500 K
Life 50000 hours
Housing Alloy aluminum , with Crystalline lens,good heat dissipation and waterproof
Solar panel Power 70 W
Specification High efficiency Poly-crystalline silicon (Conversion ≥19%)
Life 25 Years
Battery Capacity 84.5 AH
Material Lithium battery
Life 5 Years
Bracket Material High Quality Q235 Steel
Diameter 80 mm (suitable for straight pole less than 76mm)
Thickness ≥3.0 mm
Antiseptic treatment Hot-dip galvanizing and painting
Life 20 Years
Charging Time Normal Sunlight 6-8 Hours
Working Temperature Temperature -20℃~60℃
Distance between
each light
Distance between poles 30-35 Meters
Working Mode Mode 4 hours with full brightness, then 50% brightness till dawn
Controlling center Controller Conversion rate ≥98%,MPPT, 5 Amp
Quality certificate Related certificated IP65、CE、MSDS、ROHS
Warranty Time Two Years