• 4KW 5.5KW Solar pumping inverter
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4KW 5.5KW Solar pumping inverter

  • This is a solar pump special inverter control cabinet, with solar panels and water pump can make up the solar water pump system, solar pumping inverter is the core component of the system, control system operation. The power is from 4KW to 132KW.
  • Full automatic operation of solar water pump inverter, with lightning protection, overload, over current protection. Easy to install, connect the solar panels and water pump cable, no additional setup.
  • It can drive 2.2---130KW three phase 380V AC pump.

Quick Details


 Introduction of Solar Pumping inverter:

Solar pumping system is composed of three parts------solar panels, photovoltaic inverter and pump. Solar panels absorb solar radiation energy and transform into DC electrical energy, photovoltaic inverter transforms the DC power into three-phase AC driving pump operation.

Solar pumping inverter controls the system running, according to changes in sunlight intensity in real time adjust output frequency. when sunshine reaches peak, pump runs at rated speed; when sunshine is weak, it runs lower than the rated speed, regulating speed running in MPPT way, ensure the pump work steadily.

 Product features:

1. Fully automatic operation.
2. Without storage device of battery energy, when the sun rises, it is used at once. With high reliability, reduce the costs of construction and maintenance.
3.  Main circuit adopts the intelligent power module, high reliability, conversion efficiency up to 98%.
4.  Protection against combiner, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload , counter current, etc.
5.  The positive and negative is equipped with lightning protection, which is specific PV lightning protection modules,reduce the threat of lightning to the system.
6.  Suitable for 3-phase asynchronous motor pump, output voltage adopts optimize sinusoidal PWM control mode.
7.  With the function of protecting the motor, monitoring the upper water level and the lower water level are optional, preventing pool overflow and dry running.
8.  Protection Grade: IP52.


No. Model Power Output voltage Output current Out frequency Recommended MPPT
Max. DC input voltage Suitable
1 KSIB4000 4KW 3-phase 380V 9A 0-60Hz 450-750V 800V 2.2-3KW
2 KSIB5500 5.5KW 3-phase 380V 13A 0-60Hz 450-750V 800V 4KW