Solar water pump obtained CE certification of EU

On January 14, series of solar pumping system of Shenzhen KaiKangShun Technology Co., Ltd.   officially received CE certification.

CE certification is known as the world's most advanced product conformity assessment mode, different products correspond to different instructions, the state monitoring acquisition instrument products of the company according to the instruction is LVD and EMC. LVD of the goal is to make sure instructions within range of the safety of the low voltage equipment, including electrical safety, mechanical safety, chemical safety, noise, vibration, etc; EMC target has two aspects, on the one hand, is the product of electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensure that products produced by the electromagnetic interference may not exceed a certain degree, in order to ensure that does not affect other devices which can work properly, on the other hand is the product of the electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS), ensure products are appropriate electromagnetic interference resistance, in order to ensure its normal work.

Company series solar pumping system through the CE certification, shows that this series of products in various aspects technology index have conforms to the EU requirements, already have the qualifications to enter the EU market sales.