Vigilance electric vehicle scrap battery return back to solar street light

The lithium battery is an important component of integrated solar street ligth. Even the service life of all in one solar street light is decided by the lithium battery to a great extent.

of electric vehicles, resulting in a large number of disassemble lithium batteries into the market, many unscrupulous traders to rush into danger in order to reduce product cost or get huge interest. Take an ordinary home electric vehicle for example,  it takes about 3-5 years to replace the battery.  Batteries in each car are more than thousands of grains. Such a large number of batteries, a lot of after sorting, packaging, it flows into the solar street lamp market, the achievement of a number of low price products, along with huge security risks.

These will directly affect the stability and service life of the product, the ultimate interest is damaged by our distributors and users. You get what you pay for. This is an eternal truth. Low prices will inevitably lead to shoddy work, even with false quantity, the user's damaged interests must eventually be paid by the dealership!

But in recent years, due to the rapid development The below pictures are the lithium iron phosphate battery removed from ** brand of solar street light, there’re 6 different cores after outsourcing. We found they’re disassemble battery after testing. How to ensure product performance and safety?

Danger of using scrap batteries and low quality batteries:
The consistency of the lithium battery is one of the most important indicator of the performance. It is not only related to the life and safety of lithium batteries, but also to the manufacturing and maintenance costs of batteries.

The consistency of lithium batteries includes the following common types:
1. Consistency of aging. With the increase of frequency of use, the consistency factor of each core will be changed, the capacity of the core will become smaller, and the core inconsistency will inevitably lead to the battery scrap period accelerated.
2. Consistency of open circuit voltage. Charging leads to overcharge of individual batteries, resulting in safety problems, greater the voltage difference, more serious the security problem. 
3. Consistency of internal resistance. If the internal resistance of each battery core of the series battery group is not consistent. When charging, the electric core with high internal resistance will be charged by excess voltage. When discharging, the high internal resistance will be under voltage discharge.
4. Consistency of capacity. If the capacity of each battery core of the series battery group is not uniform, and the core with low capacity is charged by overpressure, and the discharge is subjected to overvoltage discharge.

In this way, after continuous charging and release, the consistency of the difference will become more and more big, until the loss of value in advance, or other security problems. 
Scrap recycling batteries, brand models can not guarantee unity, through simple screening, and the remaining batteries have been re assembled to make profit at a low price, even if the so-called lithium iron phosphate battery. 

Shenzhen KaiKangShun Technology Co. Ltd., long term adherence to the use of high-quality pure ternary lithium batteries, not doped with manganese and other impurities, pure ternary , long lifesapn, low internal resistance, to ensure that the battery and product performance, service life up to five years. 


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