KaiKangShun solar pumping system------ good helper of modern agricultural irriga

Promoting agricultural modernization is the only way to solve the problem of agriculture in china. According to increase production, increase revenue, improve quality, increase efficiency, the creativity of the general requirements, adhere to promote the sustainable development of agriculture as the main line, to promote the modernization of agriculture as the goal, and vigorously promote “development of foundation”, discovering new potential to improve grain production capacity; Vigorously promote the "green development", in boosting the transformation of agricultural development mode to seek new breakthroughs; vigorously promote "economic development", in promoting agricultural efficiency and farmers income to make new achievements.

Focus on building a high standard farmland, laying solid foundation of modern agricultural development. Vigorously strengthen the form a complete set of water-saving transformation, achieve high standard farmland synchronization with water-saving renovation planning implementation and benefits into full play. Increase investment in agricultural science and technology, the existing mature technology in the project area integrated assembly, promotion and demonstration of new varieties, new technology, new equipment, make the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces.

Effective irrigation is the key to the construction of modern agriculture. China's current arable land area of about 1.8 billion mu, Ministry of water resources data show that the effective irrigation area of about 0.95 billion mu, the plan to 2020 make the effective irrigation area of 1 billion mu of farmland, water saving irrigation engineering accounted for more than 60% of the effective irrigation area.

Due to the current domestic grid covering is wide range in urban than rural areas, part of the farmland area are without power, the effective water resources from the well / River into irrigation pipe network is still a problem, it is not conducive to the construction of modern agriculture. Some areas using diesel power generation pumping irrigation, it is not conducive to the farmers to reduce the burden or increase revenue, at the same time, deviate from energy-saving emission reduction targets.

At this time, photovoltaic (PV) water pumping system plays a big role in the non electricity area. KaiKangShun solar pumping system rely on solar power, stable output three-phase 380V alternating current (AC) driven pumps running, delivery water into the reservoir or water pipe network. KaiKangShun solar water pump power range from 0.37KW to 130KW, the maximum water head of a single set is 270 meters, the maximum daily water output can reach 1000 cubic meters. And at the same time system is tie-in, satisfy the small and medium-sized farmland water-saving irrigation.

Due to solar water pump system power comes from the sun, so photovoltaic (PV) water pumping system is established according to the water resources, avoid regular grid considering the geographic environment and the occupation of farmland; Solar pumping system power can be big or small, scattered in the farmland area, according to water source design irrigation area, reduce the pipe network, power grid construction investment, open the last kilometer of the farmland irrigation.

Photovoltaic (PV) water pumping system can solve the suffering of the electric pumping station without power, national government one-time investment, zero fees for the use and zero emissions, reduce the financial burden on farmers. System under the scientific management, the service life can reach 15-20 years, it is really good helper of modern irrigation.