New arrival ---- small home solar water pump system products

Since KaiKangShun solar water pump have been on the market, many customers consulted  small home solar water pump, according to the understanding of the customers and the market survey, the company is aimed at home users, launched complete set of small power solar water pump system.

Small home solar water pump, a wide range of head, the daily water demand is small, which are pumped from the deep well; at the same time it is a simple operation with high security.

Currently on the market there are various kinds of solar water pumps, most of them need individual users to learn to master the knowledge of a certain type of selection, the configuration of each component is more complex, hinder the user to pre purchase. And because the system is not optimized, making the system product price is too high, the family is difficult to bear.

According to the above, the user and the market situation, combined with years of solar water pump application experience, focusing on system configuration optimization, launched three head section (10-100 m) of small power solar water pump system (KSP370, KSP550 and KSP1K1), three pumps, pumping capacity about 5-15 cubic meters, basically meet most of the family.

KaiKangShun home solar water pump system, the complete set to sell, without considering the configuration. Affordable price, the installation is simple, fully automatic operation (a key turn on/off), security protection. Products with solid materials, water pump with all stainless steel, long lifespan, professional engineers point to point service support, to achieve customer satisfaction.

Welcome new and old customers to consult and will be our regional agent.