New arrival-----Solar combiner box

Shenzhen KaiKangShun Technology Co., Ltd. combined with many years experience of solar engineering, now we produce two kinds of solar special lightning protection combiner box, they are used for domestic and engineering.

Solar generation system, in order to reduce connection lines between solar panels and  inverter, easy to maintain, improve reliability, generally need to increase DC combiner box between the solar panels and inverter, and equip with a professional solar lightning protection module, ensure solar generation system running safely and smoothly.

Due to the current personal and family are interested in installation and use solar power system, considering the economic situation of individual users, our company specially add economy solar lightning protection combiner box (model KKS-HLJY), also called domestic solar distribution cabinet / box. Security of the solar generation system is with the same quality and performance.

The company engaged in solar project for many years, using the company produced lightning protection combiner box in all projects, it’s very good. Our company products parts are produced with special solar modules and solid material to meet the vast majority of the requirements of the market.

At the same time it can be customized according to customer's special needs, welcome new and old customers to consult.