Yunnan solar pump irrigation system project successfully completed

Recently, the 184KW of Yunnan mountain solar pump irrigation project has been completed by Shenzhen KaiKangShun Technology Co.,Ltd. After the test running, both water head and water flow reached the design requirements, will soon be delivered to the local villagers to use.

This project has the characteristics of high head, long pipeline, large flow rate and so on. The system design and construction is very difficult. In order to safeguard the use amount of water, the system adopts the three grade water lifting scheme, between project to build two reservoir, through the water pump to send water to the main reservoir at the top of the mountain step by step. 

After company engineers on-the-spot investigation and the communication with the designer, the joint construction of the actual situation, respectively using submersible pump and surface pump; at the same time, to facilitate maintenance and management, adopt the centralized power supply, guarantee the stability of the system and easy to operate and for the local villagers operation is simplified.

Solar water pump system installation period, due to the drought in Vietnam and other neighboring countries, the Chinese government take sluice humanitarian assistance, causing (at the foot of the mountain) water level dropped more than 30 meters, increases the first grade solar pump head, company engineers and construction personnel discuss emergency plans,after debugging equipment, to solve the problem, not increase investment cost, highly praised by the owner.

After front engineers and construction crews to cooperate with each other, joint efforts, the successful completion of the three grade solar water pump mountain irrigation project, after the system put into use, will solve the problem of local villagers water difficult and low economic crop yields, benefit people.