Our Small Solar Water Pumps benefit African farmers'lives

Our small solar water pumping system has been welcomed by customers in Africa and other countries. Customers praise our company and send some pictures after using solar pump.

Africa is a land-rich place with abundant surface water. However, due to the lack of electricity, the original irrigation equipment and other reasons, it can not make good use of the rich groundwater, still facing the situation of drought.

Although solar power technology is mature and prices are falling, the investment of a solar power system is still unbearable for local farmers. Our company combines many years of application experience, adopts a cumulative scheme, and introduces a small-power solar water pump system for household. The daily pumping capacity is 5-30 cubic meters, and the monthly pumping capacity is 150-900 cubic meters, which fully meets the irrigation water demand of household and small farms, while the input cost is greatly reduced.

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