New arrival Integrated Solar Street Light

At present, the whole country carries out the strategic blueprint of realizing the integration of urban and rural areas and building beautiful countryside.Higher requirements and aesthetics are put forward for infrastructure construction and products.

 At the beginning of this year, our company devoted energy to developing a series of solar energy products suitable for beautiful rural construction. In the first phase, 24 W and 36W all in one solar street light  was put on trial. It has been half a year since the trial period, and the feedback effect is good.

 The new integrated solar street lamp changes the shape of traditional street lamp and retains the original aluminum alloy material.The product has a slender body and fair skin, just like a slender girl standing on the roadside.Combined with the slender features of solar led light, the artistic display of multiple circular LED lamp holder, like a round of red sun illumination road, makes wider scope of illumination.

 There are two kinds of brackets for you to choose,solar led street light can be installed in any way.

 Welcome new and old customers to consult.