Wuhan Water Technology Expo is in progress

On 30th November , 2018 Wuhan International Water Technology Expo was launched as scheduled, attracting people from all over the country to watch the exhibition. Our sales colleagues did their work and seriously received every customer who went to the booth.

Today, the organizer invited many customers in the water-related industry. When visiting our booth, they were interested in the solar pump system. The solar water pump system is installed near the water source, relying on solar power to drive the pump.A solution is provided for water shortages in areas without electricity.The customers basically raised the problem of no electricity and water in the mountainous areas and remote fruit trees. They have been learning about solar water pumps for a long time.

At the same time, our company also proposed solar street lights and 4G or Wifi solar camera solutions to solve the problem of water supply, providing on-site lighting, anti-theft and anti-destruction monitoring, real-time remote mobile phone to view live video and other programs.Our integrated solar street lights and solar IP cameras are easy to install and fully automatic.

On-site, sales explain the product, remote viewing of the mobile phone, detailing the use and installation methods. The customer said that he did not know the solar product to be so simple and easy, in fact it is as simple as that.