Arranging Exhibition

The 2018 Wuhan International Water Technology Exposition (WTE) with the theme of "Wisdom Water, Science and Technology for Water Control" is scheduled to be held in Wuhan International Exposition Center, China, from 30th November to 2nd December, 2018.

On November 29, we arranged the exhibition and completed it in the evening.Except for the short meal time, our colleagues are busy with the exhibition, earnestly and carefully, trying to show the best to the audience.

We have brought solar water pump,solar pumping inverter, all in one solar street light,separated solar street light, semi-split solar road light,solar IP camera,solar flood light,solar home power system to the exhibition. Welcome all old and new customers to our booth at that time!
Exhibition time: 30th November - 2nd December 2018
Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center (619 Parrot Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan)
Booth No.: A2204D