Depth analysis of old street light renovation/conventional solar street light renovation

In the past ten years, a large number of old-fashioned street lamps have been installed in factories, campuses, residential areas, etc., After it used year by year, consumption has gradually increased, and electricity consumption has increased, resulting in great waste. At the same time, in the subsequent maintenance process, the disassembly is inconvenient, and sometimes it is necessary to rearrange the cables, bury the buried wires, and so on. Therefore, in view of the high energy consumption, vulnerability, maintenance and safety hazards of traditional street lamps, the transformation work is imperative.
In the past, some users chose to replace the old street lights directly, and found that the project was more complicated. The process may involve re-laying cables, excavating cable trenches, modifying the laying of concealed pipes, pipe threading, and backfilling. Then perform long-term installation and debugging again. If there is a problem with any of the lines, a large area of rework is required. Moreover, some terrain and line requirements are complex, and labor and auxiliary materials are costly. Therefore, many renovation projects often end up after investigation.
After a long period of practical exploration and the growing popularity of solar street light technology, solar street lights have gradually become the first choice to solve this dilemma. Because solar street light is a kind of street light that uses solar energy as an energy source, it is not affected by conventional electricity, and it does not need to dig trenches and embed conventional electricity. As long as it is sunny, it can be used. It has the advantages of safety, no hidden danger, energy saving, no consumption, and environmental protection. Compared with traditional street lamp holders, it has obvious advantages.

The installation of solar street lights is relatively simple, zero electricity bills, eliminating the maintenance and management costs of traditional old street lamps, and reducing the cost of public apportionment. One-time investment will benefit the long-term, and it will avoid the problems of aging of materials, abnormal power supply, and conflicts between water and electricity pipelines that may be involved in the transformation of traditional street lamps. Therefore, it has gradually become a solution for the old street lamp renovation project.


The latest integrated solar energy series street lights were designed, developed and produced by KaiKangShun. On the basis of conventional solar street lamps, the performance structure of the product was further optimized. The whole lamp integrates the design of solar panel, lamp body shell, energy storage lithium battery, controller, human body inductor and so on. It gives up the high pollution gel battery or lead-acid battery used by conventional solar street lamps, and abandons the conventional solar street lamp battery which needs to be separately or buried independently. To respond to the call of green energy conservation, environmental protection and pollution free in the new era.
No matter the old street lights were installed on the pole in the park, the road, the wall of the streets, the alleys, or the big concrete poles of the urban and rural roads, the integrated solar street lights produced by KaiKangShun can be the perfect solution for the renovation of the old lights, even in recent years, it has become the first choice of solar street lamp renovation project.

KaiKangShun integrated solar energy series street lamps, fashionable and beautiful appearance, suitable for a variety of installation environment. This series of products incorporate the company's many years of practical experience, so that it has a significant advantage in the main control technology and product configuration, the product performance to the best. From the controller to the LED lamp, from the battery to the aluminum plate, it is developed and customized by the company. At the same time, the multiple product protection measures are set up. It is different from the assembled parts of some market peers. To ensure that the products are compatible, stable, safe and free from the worries of subsequent maintenance.
The integrated solar street lamp series products, aiming at different installation positions such as road lamp pole, cement wire rod and wall surface, are equipped with corresponding lamp body bracket, only a few screws are screwed, it can be quickly installed in 5-10 minutes, greatly saving labour expenses. The installation is completed by one key opening, automatic intelligent charging and discharging without human control. At the same time, the cost of whole lamp is only about half of that of conventional solar street lamps.

KaiKangShun has formed a standardized quality management system, the product with a series of certification. With the solution and standardized product service customers, the company will continue to uphold the "integrity, innovation, mutual benefit" business philosophy, long-term commitment to cost-effective photovoltaic products manufacturing, reciprocal customers. More solar street lighting products and solutions, please visit our website:, or consulting company sales.